Graphics Developer (Technical)

Biggin Hill
Engineering & Technical
TV Production
About The Role
The TV Production Department are seeking a Technical Graphics Developer to design and implement F1 graphics into live & post produced TV programming.
Main duties and responsibilities 
  • Researching new ideas and keeping abreast of new technologies which can influence and improve our product.
  • Staying up to date with developments within the sports broadcasting industry.
  • Researching how graphics are used in other industries and how these use cases could improve our product.
  • Working with the graphics team to discuss and develop new graphical concepts and ideas.
  • Designing new concepts and looking at how we can improve existing graphics.
  • Building and testing new graphics to make them ready for use in the Formula One broadcast.
  • Determining data requirements for new graphics and working with our software team to help ensure graphics data requirements are thorough and correct.
  • Working with the graphics team to improve workflows and how graphics receive data as well as improve content and the range of data available from timing and database systems.
  • Working with our software and timing departments to facilitate testing with real-time data.
  • Understanding the technical requirements involved in operating our graphics systems within a broadcast environment.
  • Maintaining and developing graphics systems and looking at how we can streamline our processes
  • Physically building Virtual Camera set ups trackside.
  • Preparing graphics sets for upcoming races as well as fixing any immediate bugs or errors required for the next race.
  • Attending races to help facilitate the graphics operations.
  • Preparing the graphics systems for the race weekend, including testing all outputs and functionality as well as deploying and testing graphical and/or system updates.
  • Operating the graphic systems at races to help viewers understand what is happening during each session.
  • Troubleshooting technical issues which occur during a grand prix weekend and liaising with relevant individuals, teams and departments to quickly resolve problems.
  • Understanding the sport of Formula One and its associated support events and becoming knowledgeable about how the sport works.
  • Working with the production team and directors/producers and attending production meetings to understand current stories in the sport and plans for the broadcast.
About You
To be successful in this role you must have strong design skills or strong technical skills in the relevant areas.
You must be curious – An eagerness for seeking out knowledge and an openness to learning and change. Being able to learn new skills quickly and self-improve.
Be Innovative/Insight -  The ability to gather and make sense of information and bring new ideas to the team, develop existing ones to improve our practices. A clear desire to understand the industry we are in and keep up with changes.
You must have Determination/Grit - Desire/work ethic to achieve difficult goals despite challenges and to bounce back from adversity. Thriving under pressure, handle working on multiple projects simultaneous.
Experience required
  • Experience of working within live broadcasting, graphics or computing environment
  • Experience of working within fast paced technical or design team (desirable)
Knowledge & Skills
  • Highly computer literate and thoroughly confident with windows and apple operating systems
  • High level of written English
  • An ability to create artwork from scratch
  • Strong design and technical skills
  • Experience using 3D design packages such as Autodesk Maya and 3D Studio Max
  • Experience using Adobe’s suite of design packages
  • Understanding of broadcast industry technologies and trends
  • Knowledge of installing and uninstalling computer hardware, software and drivers etc
Personal Qualities 
  • Meticulous attention to detail, especially in a design/creative context
  • Desire to work in graphics/broadcast industry
  • A strong desire to learn new skills
  • Ability to think clearly under pressure and react quickly
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to independently and cooperatively manage work and adhere to deadlines
  • Highly organised with excellent communication and time management skills
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to act as a self-starter as well as be delegated task
  • Display competence across a variety of different projects and skill sets
  • EU driving licence
  • Willingness to travel abroad
  • A genuine interest and sound knowledge of Formula One and other motor sports is advantageous